Svetlana Nenova, July 9, 2020

For the first time a Bulgarian university conducted online exams using a mobile cloud service for remote identification through a smartphone

Sofia, 9th July 2020 – For the first time in the history of Bulgarian educational system a university in Bulgaria conducted online exams using a mobile cloud service for digital identification and authentication directly through a smartphone. At the end of June, the University of National and World Economy (UNWE) conducted online preliminary entrance exams using the mobile application for remote e-identification of the Bulgarian company Evrotrust Technologies.  The app is developed in Bulgaria.

1300 university candidates at UNWE benefitted from an online exam and the digital identification of  Evrotrust. Before the beginning of the exam, UNWE made a video and audio recording, as well as a full check of the exam room. It was also made a video and audio recording of the candidates’ desks. During the exam the image of the candidate was continuously verified with his photo in the database of the Ministry of Interior. In addition the sound background of the exam room was analysed to prevent cheating.

Preliminary online entrance exams are time-saving and guarantee work in a healthy and safe environment.

“UNWE is the only one university in Bulgaria that conducted entrance exams with e-identification of  Evrotrust . Before the start of the exam, we identified candidates with 3D face recognition system and their identity documents were verified with the database of the Ministry of Interior. The system works smoothly and guarantees a high level of authentication of candidates and the process of conducting the exam”, said Prof. Sc.D. (Econ) Valentin Kisimov, director of the Center for Computer Innovative Systems of UNWE.

UNWE conducted online preliminary entrance exams in order to protect the health of university candidates in COVID-19 situation. Over the past 5 years UNWE has been digitising the whole educational process. It is the first Bulgarian university that introduced an е-student record book.

Evrotrust is a powerful tool for the digitalisation of universities. The online preliminary entrance exams at the University of National and World Economy demonstrate that our mobile application is becoming more and more preferred by users and young people. COVID-19 state of emergency and the emergency epidemic situation have accelerated the digitalisation of the entire country. UNWE gives an example to other universities as it has started this process a few years ago. The integration of our application is part of UNWE’s digital agenda”, said Prof. Dr. George Dimitrov, Member of the Board of Directors of  Evrotrust .

About UNWE

The University of National and World Economy (UNWE) is the eldest and the largest higher economic school in Bulgaria and Southeastern Europe. It is named “The most prestigious university” by Bulgarian employers. In 2017 UNWE has obtained for the third time the highest assessment among all Bulgarian universities for a six-years period by the National Accreditation and Assessment Agency. UNWE has over 20 000 Bulgarian and international students.

 About Evrotrust Technologies

Evrotrust is a qualified trust service provider with reference to the requirements of Regulation (EC) 910/2014 (eIDAS). Evrotrust is the first trust service provider in Bulgaria who has successfully completed the certification procedure of such a wide range of qualified trust services – issuing of qualified certificates for e-signatures and e-seals, qualified time-stamps, qualified website authentication certificates and qualified e-signatures and e-seals verification. Evrotrust’s technology has no analogue globally.