Crisis PR


There are no bad clients. Whatever the crisis Alfa Communications Consulting is here to help in order to prevent a communications crisis or minimize the negative impact from it. You name it, our PR team has handled it:

  • Product recalls
  • Factory closures
  • Downsizing
  • Senior staff dismissals
  • Relocation
  • Employee disputes and strikes
  • Extortion
  • Fraud
  • Media investigations
  • Accidents

What the skills for managing communications crisis are required? First of all, we should listen to and read carefully, including checking social networks, forums and blogs. We must react to negative comments rapidly at the precise moment and place. It will not be adequate to answer someone that talks online negatively against you through a newspaper. We will protect your brand at the same place where the discussion takes hold. Our PR experts have experience in crisis management and forecast most of the crisis situations. They are active participants in many online forums, chat rooms and blogs in which consumers talk about our clients and their products.

Online forums and chats have long time ago stopped to be just a spot for jobless people that seek a platform for small talks. There are a lot of active people that are active members in them. Companies that do not pay them enough attention take a risk to damage their brand reputation. Participating in these forums is much more an asset than a burden.

We hope it never happens, but if your business runs into stormy waters, give our crisis communications team a call. Our public relations experts contain most of the crisis situations we manage and they seldom hit the headlines. Our issues management service is totally confidential. That is why we never talk about any of our crisis clients or the situations we have managed on their behalf.


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