Alfa Communications, March 31, 2020

Wisdom StoneThe Israeli state-owned company provides the country with a special opportunity to implement WISDOM STONE system

March 31th, 2020 – Israel’s state-owned RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (RAFAEL), a key participant in the modernization of the Bulgarian army and a global leader in the area of defense and cyber security solutions, has offered Bulgaria to adopt its proven WISDOM STONE™ data gathering and analysis system in order to manage and take the Coronavirus epidemic in the country under control.

RAFAEL has adapted WISDOM STONE™, a cloud based big data SaaS (Software as a Service) intelligence platform, to combat and manage the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The system provides:

  1.     Real time situational awareness
  2.     COVID-19 spread and containment prediction
  3.     A daily review based on the system’s data providing conclusions for actions to be taken

WISDOM STONE™ was presented to all main and responsible Bulgarian state institutions, including the Ministry of Health and the Emergency Council headed by General-Major Ventsislav Mutafchiyski. RAFAEL’s proposition provides the Bulgarian authorities with a contemporary free of charge trial period to test the functionalities and capabilities of its big data technology system. Upon a test and a proof of concept Bulgaria could rent the system for a longer period and use it as long as it is necessary. 


WISDOM STONE™, presented in 2016, is a platform that instantly collects, fuses and analyzes big data, using state-of-art technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), turning it rapidly into usable intelligence for real-time analysis, data mining and information visualization and exporting and extracting valuable and actionable information, knowledge and insights in different formats. 

It is typically used by intelligence and security agencies, municipalities and states but has already been adapted to work with civilian databases and fits the needs of the authorities to manage and control national crises and contagion epidemics such as Coronavirus pandemic. 

Benefits & opportunities for Bulgaria in the fight against COVID-19

RAFAEL’s WISDOM STONE™ big data platform enables the authorities to aggregate, research, analyze and fuse together all relevant information to enable control and management of health crises. The main goal of the big data platform is to protect the population and contain the epidemic in order to enable:

  1. Prediction of outbreaks based on the users’ daily health status reports using heat maps.
  2. Prioritization of individuals for laboratory tests for diagnosis of infections based on AI analysis
  3. Identification of people who violate quarantine regulations
  4. Identification of contagion trends and areas of spreading
  5. Real time alerts and notification – at both national level for decision makers and personal level for civilians
  6. Managing populations in quarantine

6a. Situational picture of people who should be in quarantine

6b. Cellular text messages regarding quarantine requirements, identify people who have not submitted declarations of quarantine and more

6c. Map previous activities and locations of people newly diagnosed and send notifications to others who were in the same locations at the same time and notify them of quarantine requirements

How the big data system works

RAFAEL’s WISDOM STONE™ big data platform uses advanced AI, Machine Learning, analysis algorithms, link maps and social physics. The platform maintains data privacy by automatically extracting only the relevant data from the databases.

The system is designed for a large number of users and enables central management of all users and access via the system website or a cellular application. The system is ready for use, can be deployed remotely on secure public /private cloud and supports a number of different languages.  

The system is connected with an application to be installed by citizens voluntary or by legislation. The app allows transparency between the citizens and authorities regarding the collected information and gives the citizens the right to disconnect when the authorities declare the end of the epidemic crisis. Citizens will benefit from the application by receiving personal alerts, notifications and by sharing information directly with the relevant authorities. The system analyses the data from the app and presents insights. 

Irit Idan, executive vice president of research and development at RAFAEL:Wisdom Stone is a powerful technology weapon for fighting with COVID-19. It provides the authorities with a real tool for predicting outbreaks of the pandemic thus allowing them to take the most appropriate measures, save enormous costs and direct their efforts in the best possible way and use the available resources in the most efficient way. You can use a wide range of information concerning population density in certain neighborhoods, information residents are sharing on social media, such as complaints about having a fever or a cough, trace where sick patients might have been, and use the data to predict outbreaks. Bulgaria is our valuable and respected partner and we want to be useful to the Bulgarian people with our whole spectrum of strategic solutions and systems. Therefore we are ready to supply WISDOM STONE™ for a free trial period and if our Bulgarian partners decide that they could utilize it, we can agree on preferential conditions.”  

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. participates actively in the process of modernization of the Bulgarian Army. Israel’s state-owned is currently participating in the ongoing project for the supply of 150 wheeled armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) to Bulgaria’s land forces teaming up with General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS)-MOWAG, one of the four prime defense contractors invited by the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense. RAFAEL is a developer of various categories of proven land systems with high performance, including the unique SAMSON Hybrid Unmanned Turrets (UMT), SPIKE anti-tank tactical guided missile systems, state-of-the-art BNET communication system, active protection systems, Air Defense solutions and others.   

RAFAEL has many years of experience in Production Transfer Programs (PTP) worldwide. Its PTPs have been implemented successfully with more than 50 companies worldwide, including in the U.S, India, UK, Canada, Romania, Germany, Spain, Italy, Poland and others.            


RAFAEL is 100% owned by the Israeli government and is a global leader in the defense industry. For more than 71 years RAFAEL designs, develops, manufactures and supplies a wide range of high-tech defense systems for air, land, sea, space and cyber applications for the Israeli Defense Forces and the Israeli defense establishment, as well as for customers around the world. RAFAEL’s systems are based on vast expertise, technological know-how, and a thorough understanding of the specific operational requirements of its customers. The company’s diversified array of innovative solutions at the leading edge of global technology include land, air superiority, naval and underwater, space and cyber solutions. RAFAEL has more than 7500 employees and numerous subcontractors and service providers around the world.