Alfa Communications, June 3, 2022

Tel-a-Viv. 31 May 2022. Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has been awarded a contract to supply the Philippine Navy with the MiniPOP for Maritime Applications Electro-Optics Systems. The systems will be integrated on patrol boats in the Philippine Navy.

IAI’s MiniPOP for Maritime Applications, developed by IAI’s Systems Missiles and Space Group, is a lightweight and compact multi-sensors observation system built for maritime applications. The electro-optics system is designed to operate during both day and night, and meet harsh environmental conditions such as shock, vibration from waves, and extreme temperatures. The payload provides real-time imaging, automatic video tracking, and precise target geo-location capabilities that can be used as a stand-alone EO/IR observation system on small and medium sized vessels.

The MiniPOP for Maritime Applications is operational in navies worldwide, and builds on IAI’s decades-long heritage in electro-optics technology. IAI has extensive experience in developing electro-optic systems and operational sensors for air, land, and maritime applications.

Boaz Levy, IAI President and CEO, said: “We are proud of IAI’s growing partnership with the Philippine Navy and the opportunity to provide our operational, combat-proven systems to the Philippines. This contract for electro-optics systems joins other recent deals between IAI and the Philippine Navy, signifying the expanding cooperation and serving as a testimony to the trust the customer has in IAI’s advanced technologies. We look forward to broadening our fruitful partnership in the years to come.”