Alfa Communications, May 11, 2022

Photo credit: RAFAEL

Earlier this year, Rafael Advanced Defense Systems alongside the Israeli Navy and Ministry of Defense Directorate of Defense Research and Development (DDR&D) successfully completed a series of tests on Rafael’s C-GEM naval system.

C-GEM is an innovative shipborne off-board RF Active Decoy (RFAD) system protecting naval vessels from anti-ship missiles through electromagnetic spectrum manipulation. C-GEM jams and deceives threats from multiple directions, independent of ship maneuvers.

This latest test series, conducted by Israeli Navy crew members, included launching C-GEM decoys from an Israeli Naval Ship (INS) Sa’ar 6 corvette to demonstrate C-GEM’s ability to counter multiple advanced threats. As a result of these tests, Rafael’s C-GEM decoys will be integrated into the Sa’ar 6 multilayered defense array. Now, not only will C-GEM act as another effective soft-kill defensive layer, but it will also complement the C-DOME hard-kill defensive layer.

The success of this test series marks an important milestone in C-GEM’s continued development, and demonstrates the Israeli Navy’s enhanced operational capabilities within modern combat scenarios and evolving anti-ship missile threats.

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