Alfa Communications, May 31, 2022

Rafael Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. is showcasing a diverse array of defense solutions and systems at the Hemus International Defense and Services Exhibition in Bulgaria from June 1-4.

At Hemus 2022, RAFAEL will exhibit a variety of its solutions, for air, land and naval applications, with a special focus on Bulgaria’s defense programs and requirements. This includes the country’s 8X8 combat vehicle program, offering a complete package of systems to enable and enhance full ground combat vehicle survivability, maneuverability and lethality. Not least of which is the SAMSON 30mm Integrated RWS which addresses modern battlefield threats with a remarkable combination of the world’s most cutting-edge, reliable, and effective solutions with potential integration of SPIKE LR 1 & 2 multi-purpose guided missiles.  The SAMSON has been equipped with the capability to locate fire sources to effectively return fire, faster, more accurate slew-to-crew, a unified user interface for all subsystems, an inherent hatch for close situational awareness, and under-armor ammunition. The SAMSON RWS has been purchased by global customers from Asia, Europe and the United States.

RAFAEL will also be presenting a number of NATO incorporated systems that have proven their capabilities in the modern battlefield and bolstered the defense capabilities of the company’s European partners. The SPYDER Air Defense System incorporates an open architecture which is currently being integrated, under the Czech Republic contract, into the NATO Air Defense Command and Control and Communications. The SPYDER is supported by the connectivity provided by RAFAEL’s advanced BNET Communication Network. Another NATO incorporated system being exhibited is the renowned SPIKE Missile Family which has been incorporated into the military services of 39 nations worldwide including 19 NATO member states. SPIKE is being manufactured on European soil, and through EuroSpike GmbH may be procured by NATO member states through OCCAR.

BNET SDR Family: this family of advanced, tactical broadband IP-MANET (Mobile Ad Hoc Network) Software Defined Radio (SDR) solutions provides reliable high-speed, low-delay connectivity for broadband data, voice and video on-the-move for ground and airborne platforms, HQs, and dismounted soldiers. These modular, multi-band, multi-channel, net-centric systems support unprecedented data rates and user numbers enabling all land, sea, and air units to participate in a single, seamless, scalable network. This industry leading comprehensive communications system includes vehicular (BNET-V), man-pack (BNET-MP) and handheld (BNET-HH) variations, and aerial connectivity for aircraft (BNET-AR). In October 2021, Rafael unveiled BNET Nano, a new variant small enough to fit within the palm of your hand.

SPIKE Missile Family: This family of 5th generation multi-purpose EO-guided missiles provides pinpoint precision up to 32 km on land, at sea, and in the air. With fire-and-update capabilities, SPIKE’s exceptionally high accuracy extends Beyond Line of Sight, greatly enhancing ground vehicle survivability and minimizing the risk of collateral damage. SPIKE family variants have been purchased by 39 nations, including 19 NATO nations, and have been integrated onto 45 different vehicles, helicopters, and naval platforms.


Land Systems

  • RAFAEL’s Advanced Vehicle Integrated Combat Systems (A-VICS) is a modular system that can be customized and adapted to any platform and can be connected to any platform’s sensors, cameras and other systems. The complete system provides operators a full video management system, 360-degree situational awareness and automatic target recognition (ATR). It allows crew members to perform any type of operational task from inside a closed-hatch cabin. Its open, modular architecture provides optimal protection and precision by integrating some of Rafael’s most highly regarded operational systems.

Naval Systems

  • SEA BREAKER – A 5th generation long-range autonomous precision guided missile system, SEA BREAKER enables significant attack performance against numerous high-value maritime and land targets. As a pinpoint force multiplier with standoff ranges up to 300 km and an advanced EO-imaging infrared seeker, SEA BREAKER is an ideal solution against stationary and moving land-based targets. It also offers superiority in A2/AD arenas, near-shore or between island targets, anchored or at port targets, or where radio frequency (RF) seekers are limited.
  • TYPHOON C-UAS Naval Remote Weapon Station is the world’s leading stabilized, remote naval weapon system. Capitalizing on Rafael’s world-renowned, long-standing Typhoon family of combat-proven naval defense solutions, TYPHOON incorporates a diverse mix of synchronized smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons and intelligent effectors that translate to very high hit accuracies, including Automatic Target Recognition, Classification and Tracking (ATR) capabilities.
  • C-DOME – Rafael’s C-Dome is the naval adaptation of the renowned, combat-proven Iron Dome, which, to-date, has achieved over 4000 combat interceptions. Operational with the Israeli Navy, C-Dome is designed to protect strategic naval and land assets against advanced aerial, ballistic and surface-to-surface threats.
  • TORBUSTER – a 4thgeneration decoy combining both soft- and hard-kill capabilities, forming a part of a comprehensive self-defense solution against all types of acoustic homing torpedoes, to protects both submarines and surface vessels in deep and shallow waters. TORBUSTER is the first operational active operational hard-kill torpedo defense countermeasure.
  • Rafael’s Vessel Protection Suite (VPS) is an integrative, networked solution for asymmetric naval warfare against surface and air swarms. The VPS provides multi-layered Soft and Hard Defense (SHD) solutions that include a diverse mix of synchronized smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons and intelligent effectors, managed by a centralized Artificial-Intelligence (AI)-based system incorporating Battle Algorithm (BA) software.
  • Coastal Defense Solution: The complete naval solution is based on Rafael’s unique AI capabilities and a wide range of communication systems for voice, video, and data. Each these technologies enable connectivity between all sensors (stationary, mobile, or airborne) and mobile units to headquarters over a single, secure network and a central Command and Control system, where all data generated by system elements, including external information systems, is received and processed.
  • Rafael’s advanced EW solutions include the SEWS-DV, C-GEM C-Pearl DVand the Wizard, supporting all EW related tasks of the modern naval combat vessel.

Air Defense

  • The SPYDER Air Defense System is a quick reaction, low level surface-to-air missile system designed to counter attacks by aircraft, UAV’s, and precision-guided munitions. It provides effective protection of valuable assets, as well as first-class defense for forces located in the combat area. By incorporating multiple detection, radars, launchers, and missile systems onto a single platform, the All-in-On can address a security force’s individualized, operational needs. The SPYDER Air Defense System is the only Israeli made air defense system acquired by a NATO member state.
  • DRONE DOME is an innovative end-to-end, combat-proven counter-Unmanned Aerial System (C-UAS), providing all-weather, 360-degree rapid defense against hostile drones. Fully operational and globally deployed, DRONE DOME offers a modular, robust infrastructure comprised of electronic jammers and sensors and unique artificial intelligence algorithms to effectively secure threatened air space.
  • SKYSPOTTER: a passive electro-optical Early Warning System with a high probability of detection and a very low false alarm rate, enhancing the capability of air defense radar detection systems.