Alfa Communications, April 6, 2022

Israel’s state-owned RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. (RAFAEL), a global leader in the area of defense and cyber security solutions, will participate in HEMUS 2022 (1-4 June, Plovdiv), the biggest Bulgarian International Defence and Security Exhibition.

RAFAEL is a key participant in the modernization of the Bulgarian army.

Pioneering advances in defense, cyber and security for air, land, sea, and space, RAFAEL will demonstrate some of its innovative technologies in Plovdiv. Israel’s company is a developer of various categories of proven land systems with high performance, including the unique SAMSON Hybrid Unmanned Turrets (UMT), SPIKE anti-tank tactical guided missile systems, state-of-the-art BNET communication system, active protection systems, Air Defense solutions, etc.

RAFAEL is also the developer of Israel’s famous air defense system Iron Dome. The company is one of the three largest defense-technology contractors in Israel and an important global partner in the defense and security sectors of many countries all over the world, including the EU and NATO member states.

RAFAEL Advanced Defense Systems Ltd. participates actively in the process of modernization of the Bulgarian Army. Israel’s state-owned is currently participating in the ongoing project for the supply of 150 wheeled armored fighting vehicles (AFVs) to Bulgaria’s Land forces teaming up with General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS).

RAFAEL took part in HEMUS 2020.

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RAFAEL changes perception for powerful and modern technologies. Come and visit their booth in Plovdiv. RAFAEL’s representatives will host guests on-spot.

Stay tuned about the innovations that RAFAEL will present at HEMUS 2022 in Plovdiv. Coming soon…