Eurohold increase its revenue and improve profitability for the first half of the year
Alfa Communications, 30 August 2023
Dick Roche in EU Reporter: Europe’s ‘Gold Standard’ Insurance Regulation Badly Tarnished*
Alfa Communications, 15 August 2023
Dimitar Bonchev returns to DCA’s Board of Directors
Alfa Communications, 14 August 2023
Fitch affirmed Euroins 'B+' rating with stable outlook and removed the company from RWN
Alfa Communications, 07 August 2023
Bulgaria’s Largest Solar Power Plant Verila PV Launches Production
Alfa Communications, 22 June 2023
Fitch Affirms Eurohold’s Rating at 'B' with a Stable Outlook and Removes the Watch over the Company
Alfa Communications, 21 June 2023
Varengold Bank’s Branch in Bulgaria has Invested BGN 100 Million in Developing Companies for the Last Two Years
Alfa Communications, 08 June 2023
Finland to buy Israel’s David’s Sling air defense system
Alfa Communications, 12 April 2023
Fitch Confirmed Limited Impact of the Case with Euroins Romania over EIG and its Other Subsidiaries
Alfa Communications, 29 March 2023
Electrohold Sales offers non-compulsory insurance for home appliances "Electroprotection"
Alfa Communications, 27 March 2023